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Our commitment is to build a performance-driven and trust-based culture that values and protects our communities, employees, environment and shareholders to underpin and strengthen our long-term plan for success. Our culture is based on our integrated value system known as SPEED, and it is at the core of everything we do.

GeoPark’s Commitments

  • Delivering significant bottom-line financial value to our shareholders: We believe that only a financially healthy company can continue to grow, attract the needed resources and create long-term benefits.
  • Creating a safe and motivating workplace for employees: With capable energy professionals in short supply today, the companies that can attract, protect, retain and train the best teams with the best attitude will always prevail.
  • Minimizing the impact of our projects on the environment: As our footprint becomes cleaner and smaller, we believe that more areas and opportunities will be opened up for us to work in. Our long-term wellbeing requires us to fit in with our surroundings.
  • Being the preferred neighbor and partner by creating a mutually beneficial exchange with the local communities where we work. Unlocking local knowledge helps to create and foster sustainable value in our projects over the long term. Simply put, if our efforts enhance local goals and customs, we will be invited to do more.

GeoPark?s methodology is focused on undertaking realistic and practical programs based on the best practices in the world. Our emphasis is on building key principles and company wide ownership, and then expanding programs from within as we continue to grow. Our comprehensive, in-house designed EHSS management program, called SPEED (Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development), is being developed in accordance with ISO 14001 for environmental management issues, OSHAS 18001 for occupational health and safety management issues, SA 8000 for social accountability and worker rights issues, the development standards of the World Bank, and the Quoted Companies Alliance standards for good corporate governance.

A summary of GeoPark?s payments to governments (including royalties, taxes and canons) in the countries where we operate can be viewed here: Government Payments.


The underlying principle of GeoPark?s long-term strategy is to attract, retain and motivate the best people and provide them with the tools and support they need to succeed. Our people policy is developed in accordance to the following GeoPark pillars:

  • Fair Remuneration:
    Takes into account external competitiveness and internal equity.
  • Annual Bonus:
    Based on the individual performance of the employee and the company?s results.
  • Employee Long-term Incentive Program:
    All employees are provided with GeoPark shares to align their interests with those of the company and shareholders.
  • Employee and Family Benefits:
    Creating a great place to work and a participatory environment that helps to support our families.
  • Career Development:
    Providing the opportunity for employees to grow professionally and contribute to the company?s success.
  • Organization:
    Creating and communicating a clear organization in line with GeoPark?s objectives and values.

  • If we are a true performer, the best place to work, the preferred partner and the cleanest operator, our future is going to be bigger, better and more secure.

Safety, Prosperity, Environment, Employees, Community