GeoPark has followed the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the six countries where we have a presence and has adopted the safety guidelines required by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as those released by federal and local authorities. Our goal is to implement appropriate protocols that ensure the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and those of stakeholders in our areas of influence.

GeoPark's COVID-19 Crisis Committee was set up immediately after the epidemic began to spread globally and before any active cases were identified in Latin America. The Company required staff to set up business continuity plans that would anticipate crisis situations and established guiding protocols for each of the phases of the health emergency.

Bureau Veritas, a leading certification and inspection provider, awarded GeoPark its Safeguard label, which recognizes the Company’s implementation of best practices and biosafety standards aimed at preventing COVID-19. After rigorous evaluation, GeoPark was awarded a rating of 99.9 points out of 100.

This certification makes GeoPark the first oil & gas company in Colombia to receive the hygiene and safety label. Click here for more information.

Our procedures are continually evolving and are repeatedly communicated to our office and field operations teams as well as to our contractors and suppliers. Our operations and social environment leaders work in close coordination with local authorities, ensuring our business continues to function and does not pose a risk to neighboring communities.

The Biosecurity Protocol focused on Prevention of COVID-19 for GeoPark Operations was created to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health of GeoPark employees and contractors in our operations in Colombia. We have adapted its application in all the company´s Business Units.

To read the Biosecurity Protocol focused on the Prevention of COVID-19 for GeoPark, click here.

The readiness and response measures implemented by GeoPark to handle the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Protocols and crisis response plans in place in all countries
  • At-risk employees, all office staff begin remote work ahead of country-wide lockdowns
  • Focus on main fields: teams kept at the operational minimum with work shifts extended and back-up teams
  • Procurement of COVID-19 tests for application before every work shift in Colombia's Llanos-34 and Platanillo fields
  • Protocol for field workers and contractors: health evaluations, social distancing and enhanced sanitization
  • No GeoPark employee has visited, met or been in physical contact with anyone in the communities in the areas of direct or indirect influence of our projects, in order to guarantee the health and welfare of the populations in those areas
  • New closed-loop transport system in the Llanos-34 and Platanillo fields to avoid tanker trucks drivers interacting with communities
  • Pandemic-focused drills for Operations and HSE teams
  • Support government efforts to slow virus spread
  • Support local communities with medical and food supplies
  • Health and wellness programs + e-learning adapted for remote work



We communicate frequently with our employees and contractors sharing best work practices to promote good health and prevent the spread of the virus.

Communication with our employees


During the health emergency we have led initiatives together with local and regional governments to ensure the welfare of our neighbors. We have focused our efforts on the regular provision of humanitarian aid and the strengthening of local health systems. During the first five months of the emergency we have invested more than USD360,000 for the donation of:

+ 6,000 food parcels
+ 15,000 biosecure health supplies
+ 1,000 fast tests

  • GeoPark supports its neighbors in Casanare during the COVID-19 emergency. Click here for more information.
  • GeoPark maintains social distancing from communities at the Morona Project. Click here for more information.
  • GeoPark temporarily suspends all activities at the Morona Camp as a preventive measure due to COVID-19. Click here for more information.
  • GeoPark reaffirms its commitment to acting responsibly during the covid-19 public health emergency in Peru. Click here for more information.