Ecuador - GeoPark


Significant Drilling Inventory and Resource Potential.

We are in the Oriente basin
Our 2019 entry into Ecuador has given us an exciting new platform in this country, which has the third largest reserves in the continent. The Espejo and Perico blocks, which are in one of the most prolific petroleum systems in Latin America, are adjacent to multiple producing oil fields and existing infrastructure. Our first discovery in Ecuador in 2022 was the Jandaya 1 well in the Perico block.

Ecuador at a Glance

Espejo, Perico

Key Assets

3,000 bOEPD



Net Acreage

This is how we capture the future in Ecuador
We completed the seismic exploration project in the Oriente basin in Ecuador, with the ability we have to capture the future through the experience and creativity of our explorers.