Corporate Governance - GeoPark

Corporate Governance

GeoPark’s highly experienced and independent Board of Directors provides robust oversight of GeoPark’s proven management team.

2021 Performance Highlights

Independent Female Chair of the Board and a Majority of Independent Directors

The Audit, Compensation, and Nomination and Corporate Governance committees have 100% independent members

100% of employees trained in ethics and compliance. Independent ethics hotline

Due diligence evaluation on 100% of our third parties

NYSE-listed since 2014. SOX-compliant

Part of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) In Colombia

Included in Bloomberg Best-in-Class Gender-Related Practices and policies index

Latin America Executive Team Most Honored Company

high standard of excellence

We are committed to our Corporate Governance Practices

At GeoPark we are committed to ensuring that our corporate governance practices reflect the high standard of excellence we strive to uphold throughout all parts of our Company. As GeoPark has evolved, we have continually worked to ensure our Board and governance are aligned with best practices in Latin America and across our industry.

Our fit-for-purpose Board has set the Company’s strategy, made continuous improvements to its governance profile and worked to protect the interests of all shareholders – remaining focused on our goal of Creating Value and Giving Back.

For more details see our SPEED/ESG Report.