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Our People: This is Margareth Puentes
April 3, 2024
This is Margareth Puentes Bonilla, a Neighbor Relations Professional at GeoPark and a lawyer from Casanare who has worked for and is committed to communities in her region. As part of the GeoPark team, Margareth visits the area listening to our neighbors, identifying their concerns, and ensuring that everyone’s well-being is always her priority. Margareth shows the best of ‘Our People: Stories That Inspire, People That Transform.’
Minister Andres Camacho visits GeoPark’s Llanos 34 block
March 6, 2024
We hosted a visit by Minister Andres Camacho Morales, Hydrocarbons Director Adwar Moises Casallas and their team from the Ministry of Mines and Energy to our operations in the Llanos 34 block in Casanare. During the visit, we showed how Llanos 34, one of the largest producing blocks in Colombia, is also one of the […]
Our People: This is Mónica Gualdrón
March 6, 2024
This is Monica Gualdron, an electrical engineer and Energy Management Coordinator at GeoPark. Passionate about innovation and clean energy, Monica is part of the team of leaders developing projects to meet GeoPark’s Emissions Reduction Plan and electrical reliability. Monica is part of Our People: Stories That Inspire, People That Transform.
GeoPark-CPP petroleum engineering student fieldtrip
March 6, 2024
To support the education of future energy sector professionals and promote knowledge exchange in the oil industry, together with the Professional Council of Petroleum Engineering (CPIP) GeoPark invited 10 petroleum engineering students from different faculties in Colombia to tour Llanos 34, our main asset in the country. Through talks and practical experiences, these young people saw from the inside what it’s like to work in Jacana and Tigana, two of the 10 biggest-producing fields in the country.
Our People: This is Victoria Dubié
November 1, 2023
This is Victoria Dubié, a Reservoir and Asset Development Engineer at our Company. Her knowledge, abilities, and innovative spirit enable her to lead and work on different projects, such as Data Acquisition and Management in our operations. This project allows us to measure production precisely, guaranteeing the best possible development of our fields. Thank you, Victoria, […]
Our People: This is Víctor Sánchez
November 1, 2023
This is Victor Sanchez, a prevention specialist and volunteer first responder who has a passion for service and helping others. Hear his story at GeoPark and how, in his role, he works to instill a culture of prevention and awareness so that we all get home safely. Victor is part of Our People: Stories That […]
Our People: This is Marcela Vargas
November 1, 2023
This is Marcela Vargas, an environmental engineer and environmental defender who has a passion for sustainability. Hear her story at GeoPark and how, in her role, she leads on incorporating circular economy initiatives into our processes. Marcela is part of Our GeoPark People: Stories That Inspire, People That Transform.
Read our SPEED/ESG Report 2022
April 24, 2023
Since our beginnings, we have been committed to operating responsibly. And we continue to improve, to meet the energy needs of a growing population. Read our SPEED/ESG Report 2022, and see how we move towards a more sustainable energy future.
At GeoPark we embrace Equality
March 8, 2023
At GeoPark, we join in the commemoration of International Women’s Day by embracing equity. This is our manifesto to continue working towards promoting gender equality at all levels of the company and actively contributing to fostering a more diverse workforce.

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