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Our contractors and suppliers are strategic partners in the long-term success of our business and the sustainable development of the territories we operate in. Our commitment to transparency and high standards ensures safety, quality and accountability in our supply chain.
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We want to hear about new proposals and ideas from potential suppliers interested in participating in our competitive processes. To register, fill out the ARIBA Supplier Registration Request form.
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We use ARIBA!

ARIBA guarantees us greater transparency and control in procurement processes.

Payment process

See our procedures for payment to contractors and suppliers here.

Invoice dates

Check the monthly closing dates for receiving invoices for the year 2024.

Contract Liquidation

Procedure for the Liquidation of Contractual Agreements

Once the contractual agreement has ended, GeoPark’s Contractual Management Team will inform you of the documents required to start the liquidation procedure. Please send any inquires to our Contractual Management Team’s email at

For maximum efficiency, it is important that the supplier or contractor attaches the Final Delivery or Closing Certificate signed by the Contract Administrator for the last payment. Providing the required documentation is important, since some documents may require the attention of third parties (Ministry of Labor, Municipal Treasury Secretary, Chamber of Commerce certificate, etc.).

See the certification of contract closure or termination

Our Policies
Our SPEED Value System is a founding principle of GeoPark and summarizes our purpose in the five critical areas of Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development. These shape every new initiative we undertake and also apply to all of our suppliers and contractors.

Our Supplier Code Of Conduct defines the minimum obligations and behaviors expected of contractors and suppliers of companies that contract with GeoPark.

Sourcing Commitment

Our Corporate Commitment to Purchases and Contracting of Goods and Services gives us transparent and effective procedures to contract competitively and guarantee the safety, quality and responsibility of the players across our value chain.

General Procedures

Our diverse procurement teams have the knowledge and experience to support all our asset. GeoPark’s procurement teams closely track our field operations, and in many cases are stationed on-site, to best understand local requirements and formulate the most efficient strategies to meet them.

SOX / Internal Control

The procurement team’s procedures and actions, as well as their relationships with suppliers, are strictly audited by a comprehensive internal control team and also by specialized external personnel, all of which ensures compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Law (SOX), which applies to all companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Local Suppliers

Our supply chain is a fundamental part of the growth of GeoPark, and therefore we implement programs to strengthen it and continuously raise its performance and product standards. We focus our efforts on promoting the hiring of local suppliers and contractors as part of our commitment to enhance regional economies, increase competitiveness and promote sustainable development.

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