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Colombia Blocks

Map Colombia Blocks
(thousand acres)
interest (%)
La Cuerva 47.80 GeoPark 100.00 Llanos
Llanos 34 82.20 GeoPark 45.00 Llanos
Yamu 11.20 GeoPark 89.5/100(*) Llanos
VIM-3 225.00 GeoPark 100.00 Magdalena
Llanos 17 108.80 Parex 36.80 Llanos
Llanos 32 100.30 Parex 12.50 Llanos
Abanico 32.10 Pacific 10.00 Magdalena
Jag├╝eyes 61.00 Columbus 5.00 Llanos


Working Interest corresponds to the working interests held by our respective subsidiaries in such block, net of any working interest held by other parties in such block. 

(*) Although we are the sole title holder of the working interes in the Yamú Block, other parties have been granted economic interests in fields in this block. Taking those other parties' interests into account, we have 99% interest in the Carupana Field and 100% interest in the Yamú and Potrillo Fields, both localed in the Yamú Block.