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Villanueva, Casanare – GeoPark, committed to community safety near to field operations, trained 55 people in the defensive driving course for motorcyclists that took place in May and July 2017 in Villanueva, Casanare.These trainings included practical and theoretical activities such as the identification of unsafe conditions on the road, the proper use of protection elements, knowledge of current traffic regulations and the revision of road speed and behavior standards. With this initiative, the company continues to work on the training of safe habits and behaviors along the way to contribute to the reduction of accident rates on the region highways.

For GeoPark, this type of training in road safety is fundamental to strengthen safe road behavior and, through education and awareness, to reduce the risks of health and integrity of the inhabitants who are an active part of the development of the region.


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Daniela Brando – Communication Colombia
Telephone: +57 7432337
Juliana Price – FTI Consulting Colombia
Telephone: +57 3198400

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GeoPark is a leading independent Latin American company in exploration, operation and consolidation of oil and gas assets and with growth platforms in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. It is the leading producer of oil and gas in Chile, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. GeoPark Colombia begins its activities in the country in 2012 and currently operates in the Llanos and Magdalena basins, with the La Cuerva, Llanos 34, Yamú and VIM-3 blocks; In addition, it has participation in blocks Llanos 32, Llanos 17, Abanico and Jagüeyes.