GeoPark categorically denies accusations against its subsidiary La nueva Amerisur of connections with outlawed organizations and environmental impact - GeoPark
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Bogota, Colombia – GeoPark is aware of an article published in digital media Cuestión Pública titled “La Nueva Amerisur?: Siona people say oil company is responsible for contamination and health effects,” in which serious and unfounded accusations are made against La nueva Amerisur on supposed links with illegal armed groups and damage to the environment. Replying to Cuestión Pública, La nueva Amerisur provided timely information in good faith showing that the accusations are inaccurate. The reply is available here.

GeoPark categorically rejects and denies any insinuation or direct accusation of connections between La nueva Amerisur and illegal armed groups organizations. As socially responsible Company that respect all internationally recognized human rights and fully complies with Colombian legislation that prohibits any type of engagement, financing or support to illegal armed groups, GeoPark and its subsidiary La nueva Amerisur strongly declare that they do not have any connections with these groups and that they demand the same of their contractors and service providers.

Since 2020 GeoPark and La nueva Amerisur have systematically expressed their strong condemnation of acts of violence, any act involving threats or harassment or attacks of any kind against anyone, and especially against social leaders, members of community action groups and human rights defenders. Links to public statements made by the Company in the past are the following:

Regarding the accusation of alleged negligence by La nueva Amerisur for its response to an oil spill resulting from a terrorist attack in 2015, the Company provided Cuestión Pública with extensive evidence of its responsible and timely action, reflected in the quick activation of contingency plans, notification to authorities and the involvement of communities in voluntary cleaning plans (See answers 1 and 2).

Regarding the agreements that La nueva Amerisur has signed with the Ministry of Defense – and that are based on the SECOP platform for public consultation – it is important to note that these are aimed at maintaining constitutional order and upholding the safety of the community and of people in the general area and the area of influence in which the company develops its activities, contributing to the protection and guarantee of human rights in these territories. Notwithstanding the existence of these agreements between private and public actors, the Colombian Army is the organization that autonomously determines – based on its primary objective of providing security to citizens, the law and the Constitution – the activities it carries out and the personnel it assigns in each area, including the areas in which the Company operates.

GeoPark is an open-door company that firmly believes in coordinated work with stakeholders as the basis for respect and contribution to the effective enjoyment of human rights, in accordance with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and which is recognized and appreciated by its neighbors, authorities and stakeholders at regional and national levels for its high social commitment and environmental responsibility. As such, the company invites all interested parties to express their concerns by email to or Answers will be opportunely provided.