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Students from universities in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, the United States and Venezuela took part in a workshop on well control.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – GeoPark gave an online technical talk on well control to more than 150 students and professionals from different universities and countries in Latin America on August.

In the third in a series of talks, GeoPark drilling, completion and workover engineer Andres Vilaro covered concepts of pressure; causes, signals and methods of control of surges; closing procedures; unusual operations; control equipment and prevention. He shared real-life examples and his own personal development experiences.

The event was aimed principally at Petroleum Engineering students at the National University of Comahue in Neuquen province, as well as active members of the Comahue Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Within the framework of its sustainability strategy, GeoPark promotes educational projects and activities in the communities neighboring its operations, with the commitment of becoming the neighbor and partner of choice, based on a sustainable relationship of learning and mutual benefit.

GeoPark is a leading independent Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. As part of its mission to “Create Value and Give Back,” the company develops sustainable social investment programs in conjunction with the State and local authorities and communities, which aim to promote positive changes in the areas in which it has activities.

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