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Punta Arenas, Chile – GeoPark experts held six technical workshops on business and the energy industry in October and November, aimed mainly at oil sector professionals and university students.

The workshops – “Purchasing and Contracting, the importance of complying with processes throughout the chain,” “Power Grid and Hydrocarbons,” “Termination and hydraulic fractures,” “Basic concepts of drilling and well control,” “Cybersecurity: hidden risks and threats of technology” and “Climate change: relation to energy use and environmental impact” – were part of the Technology Transfer Program within the Special Oil Operation Contracts (CEOPs).

“Although these activities are stipulated in the CEOPs through mandatory contractual clauses, an interesting aspect to see is the nature and variety of issues addressed in courses, where GeoPark has stood out not only for giving specific technical workshops, but has also ventured into relevant industry topics from different perspectives such as business management, climate change, and threats and future scenarios of the industry,” said Juan Carlos Burgos, from the Hydrocarbons Unit of Chile’s Ministry of Energy.

Anybody wishing to participate in future activities or obtain information about them may do so by sending their details – full name, contact telephone number, company or institution and email – to

GeoPark is a leading independent Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. As part of its mission to “Create Value and Give Back,” the company develops sustainable social investment programs in conjunction with the State and local authorities and communities, which aim to promote positive changes in the areas it has activities in.

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