GeoPark opens fire station and park improvements in Caribayona - GeoPark
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GeoPark and community partners in Caribayona, part of Villanueva in Casanare department, have completed a 366 million peso project to build a new fire station and make improvements to the town park.

Villanueva company Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Montajes built the fire station, which will strengthen the municipality’s capacity to quickly respond to emergencies and potential risks, promoting well-being in the community. “The fire department and the community of Villanueva are deeply grateful for this voluntary investment, which not only allows us to safeguard lives and property, and care for the environment, but also gives us a more effective response capacity to respond to emergency calls in our community,” Fire Commander Lieutenant Octavio Velez said at the new station’s opening ceremony.

A few minutes from the fire station in Caribayona’s Central Park, GeoPark delivered a project that improved trails and installed a sign saying ‘I love Caribayona: place of peace, opportunity and progress.’ The project promotes the sense of territorial belonging and contributes to Caribayona becoming a regional tourist destination.

GeoPark Neighborhood Relations manager Diego Morales said that the projects, which arose from dialogue between the community of Caribayona and GeoPark, reflect the power of working together in making high-impact community projects happen.

To further promote its neighbors’ well-being, GeoPark is also supporting the construction of the Caribayona Sewer and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant. Villanueva construction company Maboh is building this environmental investment project, for which the Company has budgeted over 9 billion pesos.

GeoPark’s investment in projects in Casanare has been possible thanks to the progress of the Company’s oil production activities in Villanueva. Developing more operational activities will give GeoPark further possibilities to continue implementing initiatives that promote well-being in neighboring communities and the progress of the municipality.



GeoPark is a leading Latin American oil and gas exploration and production company with assets in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil, and which has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2014. It is the second largest oil producer in Colombia with almost 8% of the country’s total production. Since it was founded GeoPark has had an Integrated Values System called SPEED that summarizes its commitment in five critical areas: Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development. SPEED has been key for GeoPark in attracting the best talent, being the preferred partner and the best neighbor, and developing a successful, safe and sustainable operation. For more information: