GeoPark reaffirms its commitment to acting responsibly during the COVID-19 public health emergency in Peru - GeoPark
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Lima, Perú -In light of allegations suggesting a failure to adhere to lockdown rules issued by the Peruvian government and designed to halt the spread of COVID-19, GeoPark, which has been licensed to operate Lot 64 in the Morona District, Datem del Marañon, would like to state the following:

  • GeoPark and Petroperu were granted a license to operate Lot 64 in the Loreto region in Peru in 2014. In the six years since the license was granted, GeoPark, the block operator, has not produced a single barrel of oil from Lot 64. All activity in the lot during that period was tied to collecting information related to the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Furthermore, Lot 64 has been in force majeure since June 2019 as the Peruvian authorities have failed to determine whether there was adequate prior consultation regarding forest management between the Company and the local communities, necessary to advance the project. • While no operations are ongoing, the base camp called Campamento Morona is responsible for outreach to the local communities and also maintains equipment and installations; this includes radio equipment used to communicate with the local population.
  • Since March 15, 2020, one day before the Peruvian government ordered a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 threat, GeoPark formally interrupted all physical contact between its staff and members of the local communities. • Seven GeoPark employees remained within the perimeter of the Campamento Morona with strict instructions to respect lockdown, orders which were strictly adhered to. Between March 15 and June 22, local authorities authorized two supply boats to visit the camp in non-stop, single purpose trips to deliver food and medicines.
  • On June 22, the Company made the decision to suspend temporarily all activity in the Campamento Morona and evacuated the seven employees, via air, who were still within the camp’s borders. During this period in the camp and before they flew back to their homes in various cities in Peru, the workers were tested for COVID-19 and results came back negative for the virus.
  • At every step, all supply and prevention activity undertaken by GeoPark has been communicated to local communities and authorized by local government. Throughout this time all required health and security protocols have been strictly implemented.

GeoPark is fully aware and understands its responsibilities towards the communities in Peru. In every country where we operate, we do so through license contracts signed with the national government and are always subject to strict rules and regulations. We are accountable to federal, state and municipal governments, to our employees, the communities that receive us, and our investors who demand we operate at the highest international standards.

GeoPark is a leading independent Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. As part of its mission of “Creating Value and Giving Back”, the Company develops sustainable social investment programs in conjunction with the State and local authorities and communities, which aim to promote positive changes in the areas in which it has activities.

Jointly operated by GeoPark and Petroperu, the Morona Project is in Peru’s Loreto region. The project uses a new model of oil development that privileges the participation of resident indigenous communities in the area of influence, valuing their opinions and including them in social, environmental and operational management plans. In its first stage the Morona Project will produce 10,000 boepd, equivalent to one quarter of Peru’s current oil production, and will generate important development opportunities at local, regional and national levels.