The Government of Casanare, GeoPark and Parex inaugurated the Main Road of Casanare - GeoPark
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Yopal, Colombia – Over the course of an official ceremony, the Government of Casanare together with GeoPark and Parex, inaugurated the pavement of 24,3 kilometers of the Main Road of Casanare, for the Department of Casanare and the Municipalities of Villanueva and Tauramena. The pavement improvement of this road, on of the main and strategic Department roads was carried out in the southern area of Casanare in the Municipalities of Tauramena and Villanueva, expediting the connection among neighboring departments and municipalities.

The project budget was higher than $90,000 million of Colombian pesos and the operators granted $20,000, which evidences the importance of public and private alliances articulation in high-impact projects from which communities are benefited.

It is important to highlight and mention the predisposition of both GeoPark and Parex not only to develop this Project aimed at improving the mobility and road connectivity in the area, but also to improve the life quality of our neighbors. GeoPark lead the studies and design for the improvement of the road in the Soceagro to Puente Caño Orocuecito section, with a length of 40.8 kilometers.

“The Main Road of Casanare will help to strengthen the productive activities of the area, making the transportation shorter and safer, facilitating and improving the possibilities of trading agricultural products, under optimal conditions and competitivity. GeoPark remains firm and determined in its commitment to “Creating value and giving back” in the areas where it operates, generating bonds of trust, mutual help and social development”, said Marcela Vaca, General Director of GeoPark Colombia.

In turn, Lee DiStefano, President of Parex Colombia, said “The objective of Parex has been and will be to be an ally in the regions where it operates. This project, more than kilometers and resources, means a great opportunity of connectivity, competitivity and life quality for the families and the communities. Our Company would like to be a good partner for the promotion of regional development and we cannot think about growing if our environment does not and that is the commitment that triggered us to engage in this challenge we proudly present today to the south of Casanare”.


GeoPark is an independent hydrocarbons exploration and production company with platforms and growth assets in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. It is the leading oil and gas producer in Chile, the fourth largest oil producer in Colombia, with a participation in one of the largest gas fields in Brazil and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. GeoPark Colombia begins its activities in the country in 2012 and currently operates in the Llanos and Magdalena basins, with the La Cuerva, Llanos 34, Yamú and VIM-3 blocks; In addition, it has participation in blocks Llanos 32, Llanos 17, Abanico and Jagüeyes.