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GeoPark won first place in 2 of the 7 categories in the second edition of the Prize ceremony for significant experiences in the implementation of good environmental and social practices in the mining and energy sector, organized by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the National Hydrocarbons Agency, and the National Mining Agency.

Bogota, Colombia – The Ministry of Mines and Energy, the National Hydrocarbons Agency and the National Mining Agency gave prizes to energy, mining and oil companies for the best social and environmental practices that promote the transformation of the sector in the country, at the “Significant Experiences: Good Practices in Environmental and Social Management of the Mining and Energy Sector” event.

GeoPark’s good practice ‘Comprehensive Environment Management Model: a Social Conflict Prevention Strategy’ that includes seven management variables and due diligence for obtaining the social license to operate as well as the sustainability between industry and socio-environmental environment, won first prize in the category of social conflict management. Important achievements in the comprehensive management of the environment include keeping the social license to operate, as well as the record of zero roadblocks affecting operations in the last five years, a period in which GeoPark’s operated production went from less from 10,000 bpd to over 74,000 bpd.

During the award ceremony GeoPark Social Manager Luisa Vargas thanked the National Government for holding the awards, which allow companies to share good practices that demonstrate the commitment of the mining and energy sector to the development of the territories where it operates.

GeoPark’s socio-labor good practice ‘Juntos Sumamos’ won first prize in the labor management category. This program aims to ensure fair work throughout the GeoPark value chain – made up of more than 1,350 workers – based on three pillars: training in labor regulations, accompaniment of the value chain to ensure the contractors’ good working conditions, and promoting dialogue between State entities, representatives of civil society and GeoPark to prevent labor disputes.

At the end of the ceremony GeoPark Labor Relations Manager Emerson Forero explained that “at GeoPark we work under the slogan of starting with dialogue, active listening and respect, as a basis for building relationships of trust that allow us to have a long-term project and generate value for our stakeholders.”

An interdisciplinary jury of representatives of different public, academic and union entities chose the winners from over 156 projects nominated in seven different categories: Supply Chain, Climate Change, Gender Equity, Social Investment, Environmental Sustainability, Labor Management and Social Conflict Management.

GeoPark is a leading independent Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. As part of its mission to “Create Value and Give Back,” the company develops sustainable social investment programs in conjunction with the State and local authorities and communities, which aim to promote positive changes in the areas in which it has activities. GeoPark is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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