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Risk Management

GeoPark has built its business with a long-term view and a keen understanding of the inherent uncertainties associated with the oil and gas industry, both above and below the ground.

GeoPark´s assets (*) represent a risk-balanced mix of production, development, exploration and unconventional resource opportunities in:

  • 29 blocks in 6 million acres
  • 9 proven hydrocarbon basins
  • 5 countries
  • 159 millons boe of 2P reserves
  • 900 million to 1.7 billon boe in exploratory resources

* information as of December 31, 2017.

Prodction Mix

Capital Funding

To successfully participate in the capital-intense oil and gas business, GeoPark is continuously developing potential funding sources to ensure the efficient development of its assets.

Strategic long term partnership and alliances with the IFC of the World Bank, LG International Corporation further and Tecpetrol underpin GeoPark’s growth plans throughout Latin America.

Diversified sources of funding