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GeoPark’s work is based on the integrated value system known as SPEED, which provides the five keys to ensure a successful and sustainable operation: Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development.

Our commitment to these values is not only reflected in concrete actions, but in certifications that guarantee compliance with the best management standards and encourage us to always do better.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

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In Colombia, GeoPark has an Environmental Management System (EMS) that guides our performance and allows us to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks. In 2017, we obtained for the first time the ISO 14001:2015 certification for the activities outlined in the EMS.

We obtained the ISO re-certification in 2018, which drives us to move forward with awareness, education and training programs with our collaborators on the efficient use of natural resources and compliance with environmental regulations. It also motivates us to join forces with our neighbors to work on protecting natural resources, explaining the importance and benefits of recycling, and teaching the proper use of water.

Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Colombia

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To quantify and report GeoPark’s emissions of greenhouse gases in Colombia, the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification, ICONTEC , carried out a verification of them in 2017 based on the NTC-ISO 14064-3:2006 norm.

As a result, ICONTEC verified that our activities produced 223,684.09 tCO2e that year in Colombia.

Our carbon footprint, an indicator based on the relationship between GHG emissions and crude oil production, was 13.34 kg CO2e/barrel, or 40% less than the oil industry’s average carbon footprint of around 24 kg CO2e/barrel in Colombia.

GeoPark is the second private company to get this certification in Colombia, allowing us to draw a roadmap to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases and help the country meet the commitment it took on at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, to reduce GHG emissions by 20%.

Healthy Work Environment Certification

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In 2017, GeoPark was certified by the Ministry of Health in Magallanes, Chile for having a Healthy Work Environment. The keys for obtaining this certification for our office in Punta Arenas included our initiatives for providing a healthy and sustainable work environment, fair working conditions, continuous training on self-care and the physical and mental health benefits of a positive lifestyle, as well as programs for the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses.

Best Social Practices in the Energy Industry

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In July 2018 the Colombian government granted GeoPark the “Best Social Practices in the Energy Industry” award for our Good Neighbor social conflict prevention program. GeoPark’s model for community engagement was selected among 107 different initiatives by a panel composed by representatives from the United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the National Hydrocarbons Agency.

GeoPark is the second-largest private oil operator in Colombia, where we have developed oil exploration and production activities without facing road blockages or strikes since 2014.