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The SPEED/ESG Report reflects the results of our environmental, social and corporate governance practices. These values have guided us every day for 20 years and at GeoPark we call them SPEED — Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development.

ESG Reports & Presentations Library

Creating Value and Giving Back
2022 SPEED/ESG Report
Embracing Sustainability
2022 ESG Presentation
2022 ESG Presentation

Previous Reports & Presentations

2021 SPEED/ESG Report

2021 SPEED/ESG Performance Metrics

2020 SPEED/ESG Report1

Performance Metrics2

2019 SPEED/ESG Report

2018 SPEED/ESG Report

Performance Metrics

2017 SPEED/ESG Report

2015 SPEED/ESG Report

2014 Colombia SPEED/ESG Report

1. The SPEED/ESG 2021 metrics published in June 2020 had some non-material adjustments as part of the process of verification of the SPEED/ESG 2021 Report by Bureau Veritas, which did not compromise its contents..

2. The 2020 SPEED/ESG Report published in September 2021 had some non-material adjustments as part of a process of verification by Bureau Veritas after its publication, which do not compromise its contents. For more detail on this update click here.

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