GeoPark Announces New Gas Field Discovery in Chile - GeoPark
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GeoPark Limited (“GeoPark”) (NYSE: GPRK), the Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and producing properties in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina, today announces the successful drilling and testing of the Ache 1 exploration well located on the Fell Block in Chile. GeoPark operates and has a 100% working interest in the Fell Block.

The Ache 1 well was drilled and completed to a total depth of 9,694 feet. A production test through different chokes in the Tobifera formation resulted in an average production rate of 9.2 million standard cubic feet per day of gas and approximately 80 barrels per day of condensate of 47° API with a well head pressure of 2,827 pounds per square inch. Further production history is required to determine stabilized flow rates and the extent of the reservoir. Surface facilities and flow lines will be required in order to commercialize this new discovery.

GeoPark is the first and largest non-state controlled oil and gas producer in Chile, which began operating the Fell Block in 2006 with no production and has now grown to over 7,400 boepd in production as of 1Q2014. In Chile, GeoPark is carrying out a $150 million investment program in 2014 with 15-20 new wells being drilled on the Fell Block and 17-23 new wells being drilled on GeoPark’s new Flamenco, Campanario and Isla Norte Blocks in Tierra del Fuego.

During 2014 GeoPark will be carrying out a $220 million to $250 million work program, including the drilling of 50-60 new wells on its properties in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

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