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Charters & Commitments

At GeoPark, we are committed to adhering to best practices and fully complying with the legal frameworks of each of the countries where we operate in. We closely align our corporate policies with national and international standards to ensure seamless cross-border operation.

Nature, People and Neighbors Commitment

We know that to fulfill our mission and succeed in the long-term, we must support our neighbors’ well-being and development as well as protect and conserve the environment.


Environmental Commitment

At GeoPark, we take responsibility for valuing, protecting, and conserving nature and life in all its forms.


Commitment to Human Rights

At GeoPark, we define human rights as the inalienable rights of every human being regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion or any other status.


Commitment to Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

We base our commitment on respect for each individual. At GeoPark we are convinced that creating and promoting diverse teams is the key to boosting our growth and continuing to be a leading and unique company.


Ethics Code

Our Ethics Code is based on our SPEED Commitments. Our Code and commitments apply to everyone in GeoPark, including our employees, officers and directors and our consultants, suppliers and partners. No one has the authority to make any exceptions to the Code.


Ethics Hotline Protocol

The objective of this document is to establish the guidelines for the operation and use of the Ethics Hotline as well as the reporting and investigation protocols.


Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

This Anti-Bribery Policy is intended to ensure compliance by the Company with the anti-bribery and anti- corruption laws in force nationally and internationally.


Compliance Program against Bribery & Corruption

This Compliance Program against Bribery and Corrupt Practices is intended to ensure that all Employees and Agents strictly comply with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and treaties in the countries where we do business nationally and internationally.


Gifts, Donations & Contributions Policy

This Gifts, Sponsorships, Donations and Contributions Policy is intended to set forth the guidelines for making donations and charitable contributions to third parties; receiving and delivering gifts, donations and similar items offered by third parties to GeoPark employees; and offering sponsorship for different events and to education, sport, and cultural entities, among others.


Insider Trading Policy Manual

It is the policy of GeoPark Limited and its subsidiaries that without exception it will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in conducting its business. Each employee and Director is expected to abide by this policy. When carrying out Company business, employees and Directors must avoid any activity that violates applicable laws or regulations.


Related Parties Policy

The policy is intended to ensure that every Related Party Transaction is conducted in a manner that will protect the Company from conflict of interest which may arise between the Company and its Related Parties; and ensure proper review, approval, ratification, and disclosure of transactions between the Company and any of its Related Parties.


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