GeoPark drives workshop and training initiatives related to employment and prevention of accidents in San Gregorio - GeoPark
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Punta Arenas, Chile  – Triggered by its mission of “Creating value and giving back” GeoPark is implementing initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the people who are in the direct area of influence of their operations. For that reason, the Company continues strengthening training processes in the neighboring communities of its operations in the Fell block. The following workshops, that had institutional support for its implementation, can be highlighted:

On the one hand, a course on “Culinary Preparations for National and International Cuisine” was developed, together with National Service for Training and Employment (in its Spanish Acronym, SENCE) and with the Technical Training Agency (in its Spanish Acronym, INACAP). The objective of this course was to develop basic skills for the participants to elaborate various preparations of Chilean and international cuisine, incorporating skills, abilities and knowledge that may encourage a personal/private business or activity.

On the other hand, GeoPark sponsored the “Community Workshop for the Appropriate and Quality Attention for the Injured”, jointly organized by the municipality of San Gregorio. Members from many companies and institutions in the commune attended the activity, which took place at Tehuelche’s facilities. The main objective was to introduce the main parties of the emergency network in the area, improve the flow of communication between them, address any doubts about accidents in the commune, coordinate actions and basic practices to save lives.

“Our commitment to the neighboring communities where we operate is to become the preferred neighbor and ally, from a sustainable relationship of learning and mutual benefit. To achieve this, we work daily in the relationship with communities, supporting initiatives that contribute to enhance their skills and improve their quality of life,” said María Eugenín, GeoPark Community Relations Coordinator.


GeoPark is an independent hydrocarbons exploration and production company with platforms and growth assets in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. It is the leading oil and gas producer in Chile, the fourth largest oil producer in Colombia, with a participation in one of the largest gas fields in Brazil and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Under its mission “Creating value and giving back”, the Company promotes (in articulation with the State) sustainable social investment programs, to foster favorable changes in the environments where it operates.

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