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Colombia – GeoPark is aware of a document published by the international NGO Amazon Watch, entitled ‘Risk Alert GeoPark’, in which unfounded accusations are made against the Company and legal activities carried out in Putumayo department are questioned due to alleged connections between illegal groups and sectors of the Putumayo economy.

Since it started operations, GeoPark has been committed to the promotion and respect of all internationally recognized human rights, and has a public commitment signed at the highest level of the company as well as a human rights policy that governs its responsible behavior. By virtue of this and as a Company that has been operating for 10 years in Colombia in full compliance with Colombian law, GeoPark regrets and vehemently rejects the claims made by Amazon Watch against it and Putumayo, which apart from being false affect the human rights of its neighbors, employees and contractors.

GeoPark again reiterates that it has never had any relationship with illegal groups, and demands the same standards of its employees and contractors. The Company rejects the allegations made and expresses its deep concern about the impacts they may have on the rights to safety and integrity of all people related to its operation. The defamatory content in the article could stigmatize the Company’s operations and stakeholders in Putumayo and lead to accusations against them.

GeoPark carried out a rigorous due diligence process before acquiring Amerisur Resources PLC in January 2020, and after entering the territory GeoPark has worked to strengthen its human rights management with acknowledged national and international institutions to contribute to the development of the areas it operates in. Illustrating this, since January 2020 GeoPark has invested US$7.5 million in projects that promote development and contribute to the protection of Putumayo’s environment. GeoPark has won several awards from the National Government for its social conflict prevention model[1] and for its contributions to overcoming poverty[2].

GeoPark remains firmly committed to its neighbors in Putumayo, who have expressed their support for the Company – contrary to claims by Amazon Watch – and are witnesses to the activities it carries out benefiting development, contributing to the realization of the right to decent work and generating opportunities to continue shaping a legal and sustainable future.

The Company is convinced that the work coordinated with stakeholders is the basis for respect and contribution to the effective enjoyment of human rights, in accordance with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Accordingly, GeoPark invites interested parties to express their concerns by writing to or Timely replies will be given.

For the responses that GeoPark has provided to these false allegations, please refer to the press releases:


[1] July 15, 2018: The Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy and the National Hydrocarbons Agency recognize GeoPark for its good social practices
November 28, 2019: The Government of Colombia gives GeoPark another prize for its good social management practices
December 15, 2021: Geopark Sustainable Agenda Project Wins Prize from the Colombian Government
[2] April 22, 2022: GeoPark wins award from the Colombian Government for its contribution to overcoming poverty in Casanare and Putumayo


GeoPark is a leading Latin American oil and gas exploration and production company with assets in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil, and which has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2014. It is the second largest oil producer in Colombia with almost 8% of the country’s total production. Since its foundation GeoPark has had an Integrated Values System called SPEED, which summarizes the Company’s commitment in five critical areas: Safety, Prosperity, Employees, Environment and Community Development. SPEED has been key for GeoPark in attracting the best talent, being the preferred partner and the best neighbor, and developing a successful, safe and sustainable operation.

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