Supporting vaccination drives in Colombia, GeoPark reaffirms its commitment to its stakeholders’ health - GeoPark
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Bogota, Colombia.  – Through its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and neighboring communities, GeoPark supported vaccination drives in July to protect its stakeholders in Colombia.

By joining the Companies for Vaccination strategy of the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI), GeoPark secured over 300 vaccines for all its direct employees. Most of them have now received the first dose.

To contribute to vaccination processes in Putumayo department, GeoPark has taken part in different rural vaccination drives in Puerto Asis. Through logistical support to local authorities, the Company has supported the vaccination of more than 300 people in the municipality

“The health of all our stakeholders has been our priority since the first day of the pandemic and we have worked tirelessly to contribute to the wellbeing of our workers, contractors and neighbors,” GeoPark General Director Marcela Vaca said. “Our efforts don’t end at supporting vaccination drives, and we will continue supporting all strategies through which we can contribute to overcoming this public health crisis.”

GeoPark’s contributions to the National Vaccination Plan are in addition to its work to strengthen the capacity of health institutions in the areas of influence of its operations through ongoing donations of hospital supplies, personal protection equipment and humanitarian aid.


GeoPark is a leading independent Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Ecuador. As part of its mission to “Create Value and Give Back” the company develops sustainable social investment programs in conjunction with the State and local authorities and communities, which aim to promote positive changes in the areas in which it has activities.

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